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Intellectual Property Business Department

Mainly Service Scope:

1. Preparation and review various intellectual property commission, licensing and transferring agreements; acting on behalf of clients in licensing and transferring intellectual property;

2. Providing legal services in computer software, network transmission, domains, franchise operations, and movies and television media;

3. Collecting evidence of illegitimate competition, theft or misuse trade secrets and confidential information;

4. Attending regulatory proceedings before regulatory or governmental agencies;

5. Impeachment or infringement actions on various intellectual property, and arbitration and mediation of disputes involving intellectual property;

6、Intangible assets protection planning and training;intellectual property protection planning and practical training, etc. 

Pan Xiaolong : Director of Intellectual Property Department
Pan Xiaolong Lawyer is especiallygood at Agriculture-relatedand IPR cases,Who has successfully represented a number of IPR cases, such as new varieties of plants infringementproceedings and right to apply for new plant varieties ownership dispute.Main successful cases of Mr. Pan include the followings: 1. Hybrid Rice Seed Entrusted Production Contract Dispute Litigationbetween Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Food Crops Research Instituteand JiangsuMingtianSeed Industry Technology Co., Ltd.((Top Ten Cases of the Year);2. Jiangsu Xu Nong Seed Industry Technology Co...

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