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Civil Administrative Business Department

Business Scope:

1. Legal affairs such as various personal infringements, property infringements and reputation infringements;

2. Drafting, altering, reviewing and signing various commercial and civil contracts and dispute settlement;

3. Legal affairs such as various transactions, loans, leasing, marriage and family affairs, and property inheritance;

4. Agency services in legal affairs such as administrative litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Liu Nengbin / Partner
Practicing for 15 years, by virtue of solid legal theory, strong lawyer practical ability, practicing spirit of dedication and diligence, and handling over 1200 criminal, civil and commercial, administrative, maritime and maritime commerce cases and non-litigation legal affairs and being highly praised by customers. Liu Nengbin is especially good at handling criminal, administrative and contract dispute cases. Due to his successful criminal defense, the three defendants were acquitted by the people’s court. In recent years, he successfully handled the case of dispute over purchase and sales contract initiated by ...

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