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Corporate Legal Business Department

Business Department Profile:

Through corporate-oriented business training and legal consultation, the business department helps enterprises establish operation and management mechanisms which are in compliance with the Company Law, the Labor Law and other laws and regulations, and helps enterprises avoid legal risks in the process of operation and management. Through litigation agency service and mediation and arbitration agency service, the business department protects lawful rights and interests of companies, shareholders and employees, and helps to avoid or minimize losses. By providing specialized legal opinions and drafting and reviewing legal instruments, the business department provides legal support to enterprises in foreign-related investment, financing, acquisition, merger and transfer of state-owned proprietorship held by enterprises. In addition, the business department sees to it that relevant operations are in compliance with laws and regulations.

Business Scope:

1. Company establishment and legal person government structure design; due diligence legal investigation; providing professional opinion on legality and feasibility;

2. Company merger, division, acquisition, restructuring, reform, shareholding reform and equity transfer; providing assistance with asset or equity transfer and further integration;

3. Company dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy and creditor's right and debt settlement;

4. Foreign-related investment, financing and tax arrangements for enterprises, and preparation of risk prevention and inspection mechanisms for companies.

Partial Cases:

Legal consultancy for the listing of projects such as ASIASTAR and Jinling Pharmaceutical;

Dispute over debt bearing between Nanjing Lukou International Airport Investment Management Company and China Guangfa Bank;

Joint venture and cooperation project between Nanjing Suning High and New Tech Industrial Park and Fedders (US) International Company;

Legal consultancy for joint venture project of Aikspan (UK) International Company;

Settlement of dispute over cooperated real estate development project between Nanjing GOLDEN EAGLE International Group Company and Nanjing Yinhe Real Estate Development Company;

Case of appeal on other infringement initiated by a limited liability company of Wuxi City against a shareholder surnamed Liu and a shareholder surnamed Feng;

Case of appeal on technical service contract and infringement of business secrets initiated by a company of Yangzhou City against a person surnamed Fu and a group company;

Case of dispute over loan guarantee contract initiated by Nanjing Branch of China Development Bank against China Gaolingshi Company  andJiangsu Julong Cement Group Co., Ltd.

Wang Xingyuan / Director of Corporate Legal Business Department
Acting as a lecturer in the No. 2 Politics Teaching and Research Office of Navy Command Academy of PLA since 1994; working in Legal Consultation Office of Navy Command Academy of PLA since 1998 and acting as the director and lawyer of such office. Working in Jiangsu BST Law Office since 2001, and now acting as the deputy director and partner of Jiangsu BST law office, a committee member in Jiangsu Bar Association Civil and Commercial Committee. Repeatedly rated as excellent lawyer by Jiangsu Bar Association Provincial Branch. Wang Xingyuan has a solid legal knowledge. During his teaching in Navy Command Academy o...

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