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Events of Research Center

Since its establishment on November 8, 2011 (China Journalists' Day), Culture and Media Research Center has been actively exploring and striving to expand. We introduce our aims and characteristics to people from all walks of life through various forms of communication activities, so that they would have a thorough understanding of the cultural construction and legal practice of our center. There are various forms of communication, such as participating in literary and artistic performances, holding academic conferences and seminars, organizing special lectures, and exchanging books and magazines, etc.

(1)In early November 2012, Culture and Media Research Center of our law office liaised with a brokerage company in Taiwan to plan Professor Cao Yue's folk music performance.

(2)Planning the publication of continuation of Hou Yicun's novel Plain Noodles

(3)On the evening of September 16, 2012, director Zhou Lianyong, deputy director Wang Wenjun and other lawyers of the Culture and Media Research Center of our firm, together with their family members, nearly 20 persons, attended Moon Light String Charm - a special Pipa concert of Cao Yue, held at Nanjing Zijin Grand Theatre. Then they specifically discussed the legal services for the whole process of preparing the concert.

(4)On August 31, 2012, Culture and Media Research Center of our law office held a business seminar in the newly opened case study center as well as reading room, demonstrating and interpreting agreement articles of the "celebrity studio" cooperation agreement. Director Zhou Lianyong, deputy director Yang Hong and Wang Wenjun, team members Shan Xiaoyan, Wu Wenjun, and Wang Zhiyan attended the seminar. We have completed exploratory research and discussion on the connotation and extension of the relevant contract articles, the framework design of the cooperation agreement and the relevant annexes.

(5)On the afternoon of March 21, 2012, "Hou Yicun Literary Creation Symposium" was held in the multi-functional meeting room of our law office. Participants included Bu Anchun, editor-in-chief of Journal of Jiangsu Police Institute, Yin Zhujun, director of Jiangsu Police Institute Pukou Campus, Jiang Limin, editor-in-chief, Liang Qing, deputy editor, and Liu Chunlin, director of editorial department of the magazine Yu Hua, Xue Bing, professional writer of Jiangsu Provincial Writers Association and vice-chairman of Nanjing Writers Association, Tang Bingliang, former deputy editor of the magazine Yu Hua, Song Geli, vice-director of the technical department of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Procuratorate, You Zhaohui, from Jiangsu Culture Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zuo Zhi, director of the unified editorial office of Nanjing Broadcasting & Television Group Co., Ltd., An Zi (Jin Li'an), presiding judge of the second civil court of the People's Court of Jianye District, Nanjing City, and vice-chairman of Nanjing Association of Couplet Writers, Lao Ke, content director of Oriental Culture Weekly and editor-in-chief of Magazine Yin Yan of China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu Ltd., Song Shiming, director of the journalist department of Jiangsu Legal Newspaper, Ju Liu, a computer genius from Lithuania as well as a friend of Hou Yicun. Hou Yicun himself, editor and journalist of the China Minutes, has made an enthusiastic speech. As leaders of the research group of Hou Yicun, director Zhou Lianyong, group members Wang Zhiyan, Dong Chao and lawyers as well as assistant Cao Yaqi and Ling Ziyan of the Culture and Media Research Center of our law office have fully participated in this symposium.

(6)In February 2012, our law office established a cooperative relationship with the magazine Oriental Tide to actively provide legal services for people across the Taiwan Straits. Approved by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Oriental Tide is sponsored by Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation. It is the first magazine issued synchronously on both sides of the Taiwan Straits among other similar cultural magazines, oriented to middle and high class across the Taiwan Straits. Readers of Oriental Tide are middle class in Taiwan and people whose relatives and friends have invested in the mainland, especially people related to Taiwan in the Yangtze River Delta. In order to actively serve the people across the Taiwan Straits, our law office has set up a cross-straits business department. Besides, we have taken the initiative to cooperate with Oriental Tide to set up a lawyer mailbox column in the magazine, where specially-assigned person is responsible for answering legal questions concerning Taiwan. Therefore, the existence of such lawyer mailbox can provide them with high-quality and efficient legal services.

(7)In December 2011, Zhou Lianyong, director of the Culture and Media Research Center of our law office, acted as legal counsel for the magazine Extraordinary Reading, subordinate to the Xinhua Daily Media Group.

(8)Wang Wenjun, deputy director of the Culture and Media Research Center of our law office, has successfully directed three large-scale literary and artistic performances.

1.On the afternoon of November 13, 2011, the second Provincial Political and Legal Authority Cadres and Workers Sports Meeting was inaugurated. It was sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Committee of Political and Legal Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Sports, and hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice. More than 800 cast members attended the opening ceremony and large-scale literary and artistic performances Harmonious Movement. Deputy director Wang Wenjun, successfully planned and directed the whole activity as a director, and was praised by provincial leaders.

2.On January 6, 2012, the provincial branch of Jiangsu Bar Association held the "Summary and Recognition Conference and Literary and Artistic Performances of year 2011" in the Performance Hall of Nanjing University of the Arts. Deputy director Wang Wenjun, having been invited to act as the planner of the performance, successfully directed the whole performance. He also personally directed the chorus of Suyuan Law Firm to perform the finale play – Song of Provincial Branch Lawyers. In addition, Wu Wenjun, a lawyer of our law office, took part in the literary and artistic performance. It was the eighth consecutive time for deputy director Wang Wenjun to participate in organizing and directing the performance of the bar association.

3.On January 19, 2012, deputy director Wang Wenjun successfully directed Annual Summary and Commendation Conference and Spring Festival Gala of year 2011 for authorities directly subordinate to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice. It was the fifth time deputy director Wang Wenjun was invited by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice to director large-scale literary and artistic performances. The previous four invitations are as follows. In 2009, deputy director Wang Wenjun led Department of Justice to participate in "Ode to Our Motherland - Literary and Artistic Performance of Provincial Authorities Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China" and won the first prize. In 2011, he led chorus of Department of Justice to participate in "Always Follow the Party - Singing Activities of the Whole Provincial Political and Legal System Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party". On June 27, 2011, Wang Wenjun directed the "Red Songs Concert of Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China". In January 2011, he has successfully directed the Spring Festival Gala for Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice.

Wang Wenjun / Director of Research Center
Publishing many articles in various newspapers and magazines; of which, the article named Expectation of Establishing China’s Legal Aid System was awarded the third prize of provincial lawyers’ excellent paper; also, the article named Labor Dispute Case of Zhang Shengwei and Zhang Maoqiang written in 2003 was rated as a model case in the provincial model case selection activity. Moreover, Wang Wenjun has published many papers and articles in newspapers and periodicals at and above the provincial level for many times.

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