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Criminal Defense Center

General Introduction:

  Criminal defense center of Boomstar was established in 2014, which began as the criminal division. Criminal defense center mainly consists of five parts, which refers to legal aid and juvenile criminal defense, general criminal defense, Economic criminal defense, Unit criminal defense and study on criminal evidence. The specific scope of its mainly practice includes kinds of legal services such as providing legal advice, agency for accusation, complainant and bail pending trial, meeting with the suspect, defense in arrest stage, as defenders of suspects in stage of review and prosecution. Besides, we often act as the defenders of defendant in public prosecution cases of first instance and second instance, as a retrial applicant's defenders in retrial stage, as defenders of the accused in a private prosecution. We also provide the legal services including being as the victim’s agent in the case of public prosecution, as the agent of private prosecutor in a case of private prosecution, as the agent of defendants in the case of civil suit collateral to the crime, as legal counsel to individuals or units to help them to prevent and reduce the incidence of common crime and economic crime.

Zhou Lianyong , Executive Director, Managing Partner:
Zhou Lianyong , executive directorof Boomstar, senior lawyer, LLM. He is an excellentlawyer in Jiangsu Province. Once he participated in criminal hotspots difficult issueadvanced study of Beijing NormalUniversity. Also he has been involved in the development in the Attorney Practicing Guidelinesof Jiangsu Bar Association. He is committed to the study on criminallegal service which gives him a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. With all these years, hehas takenhundreds of criminal cases, of those the many successfulwereincorporated into thebook Successful Defense: Review 30 Cases of Crimin...
Xu Lan , Head of the Criminal Division
Partner of Boomstar, part-time lawyer, outstanding lawyer of Jiangsu Bar Association. She is associate professor of law of Nanjing Forest Police College, who is experienced in legal teaching and research. She has achieved some typical cases such as more than 30 women entrepreneurs registration fee fraud case in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, Pan Moumou’s suspicion of illegal business, ect.

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