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Boomstar law firm is a comprehensive law firm management directly under the all China lawyers association, jiangsu province, a total of mtcsol lawyer 80, administrative support staff of more than 10, 68 headquarter in nanjing Olympic sports street garden international r&d headquarters, office area of 2000 square meters, has a branch office in zhenjiang, wuxi, suzhou.

The institute is mainly engaged in criminal defense, including general crime defense, economic crime defense, unit crime defense, criminal evidence research and juvenile crime defense. Government counsel: acting as legal counselors government, make decisions in accordance with the staff, the security of the administration according to law, letter to participate in visits, to assist the government to prevent and dissolve the contradiction dispute, to assist the requisition, earnestly safeguard the people's livelihood problem; Administrative litigation: administrative litigation and various kinds of arbitration and mediation affairs; Bankruptcy and reorganization business: including dissolution and liquidation, bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization, reconciliation, cross-border bankruptcy, enterprise restructuring, resettlement of employees of state-owned enterprises; Corporate legal services: corporate establishment and corporate governance structure design, external investment, financing, tax arrangements for enterprises and risk prevention and review mechanisms for companies; Securities business: securities issuance, domestic and overseas listing, new third board listing, asset securitization and other financing, establishment and initiation of private equity investment funds, merger and acquisition of listed companies and asset restructuring; Construction engineering business; Real estate legal business, etc.

Since its establishment in 2000, the institute has always been adhering to the concept of "dedicated, professional, team and standard", serving as legal counsel for several government organs, public institutions and well-known enterprises in jiangsu. As jiangsu province development and reform commission, jiangsu provincial federation of trade unions, the education department of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the justice department, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, jiangsu provincial party committee politics and law committee, council of agriculture in jiangsu province people club hall, health supervision of jiangsu province, jiangsu officers responsible for administration, jianye district, nanjing city, nanjing qinhuai district people's government of the people's government, zhenjiang, yangzhou, the paper selects xinyi city people's government of the people's government of the people's government, shuyang, environmental protection department of the people's government of nanjing institute of environmental science, towns and cities in jiangsu province township planning and research center of nanjing university planning and design institute, nanjing radio and television group co., LTD., jiangsu su salt life home co., LTD Department, China steel tower co., LTD., jiangsu branch, zhong shan hotel group co., LTD., nantong, jiangsu ErJian, suning appliance co., LTD., yurun food group, nanjing lukou international airport, jiangsu far east group, jiangsu st. Ann group, jiangsu Fang Yang group, mechanical and electrical company in jiangsu province, jiangsu five star company, China city for international group co., LTD., nanjing suning galaxy real estate development co., LTD., jiangsu lung group, forestry bureau of jiangsu province, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, China unicom jiangsu and nanjing company, Jiang Suning SuXu expressway companies, jiangsu telecom company, China construction group real estate company, China international trust &investment, jiang Su province electromechanical co., LTD., seranis (nanjing) chemical co., LTD. Successful agent major difficult and complicated cases for many times, has accumulated rich experience in practice, once involved in handling multiple cases were published in the supreme people's court gazette, refer to the case of jiangsu province higher people's court and was voted the all China lawyers association, jiangsu province directly under the branch top ten cases; All the lawyers served as arbitrators and mediators for the China council for the promotion of trade and nanjing and other places.

The group and individuals of the institute have been honored by the management department and the industry association for many times. In 2007, it was listed on the list of administrators of nanjing enterprise bankruptcy and liquidation cases by nanjing intermediate people's court. In 2009, he became vice President unit of jiangsu international chamber of commerce and executive director unit of jiangsu provincial industrial overseas development and planning association. In addition, many lawyers in the institute often write various kinds of professional articles on law and publish them in major domestic legal journals. In 2008, he received and completed the legislative research project "study on the legal problems of garage in residential areas" funded by jiangsu provincial people's congress standing committee law and industry committee and jiangsu provincial law society, and was awarded as an excellent result.

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