Choose most suitable developing ways for ourselves
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  • Choose most suitable developing ways for ourselves


           Yesterday, I took part in an opening ceremony of my friend lawyer’s new office. His office is a branch of giant law firm ,Guohao,. A lot of public servants in government, high level managers of enterprises and senior lawyers went to celebrate with them. It was a remarkable ceremony!

           In recent years, many well know law offices in our province were merged by big firms elsewhere, mainly in Beijing and Shanghai. They hope these mergers can improve their business and help them to get more market shares based on their existence advantages and resources. Some of our lawyer friends in the boardroom yesterday felt that is a good ways to consider for development.

           It’s a good way to our office also? I don’t know. But, one thing I have known is the traditional lawyer’s business has been become more and more difficult. In an acquaintance society like China, it’s not easy to carry out legal services and various factors will effect law implementation. Lawyers’ social statuses and influences are not ideal. Mergers with other big law firms perhaps is a good way to change these situations of lawyer’ career in these offices. They are likely to have more chances to accept larger legal businesses.

           I agree this is a not bad way to develop business just like some other lawyer colleagues said. May be it’s a trend of development of legal service. But first of all, we should recognize our own characters and which way is best to us. Setting up a range of our professional services definitely and improving our professional ability are bases for everything.


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