My feelings in America
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  • My feelings in America


            In June 2002, As a member of the Bar Association of Jiangse province Iwent to America. We went to US through San Francisco, the west coast of America and it’s a beautiful place. We visited City hall, Fisherman's Wharf ,China town , Golden gate bridge etc. The deepest reflection in my mind is the landscape during sunset, it’s too beautiful to forget.

            Two or three days later, we went to Staford university and Silicon valley by microbus. We got to know many famous scientists and other celebrities who graduated from the university. After visiting the west coast, our delegates of Bar Association went to Minneapolis by air. We had studied international law at minnesota university for a week. Several professors and teachers introduced lots of knowledge and information about international law. Some lawyers also gave us lectures about their legal professions. We also discussed some lawyer work with American lawyers and students in law school.

            After studing in minnesota, we began travel again. We went to Boston, Buffalo, New york, New Jersey, Washington D.C.. Our delegation visited Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wall Street, UN Building and Rockefeller Center. We had seen Niagara Fall, Statue of Liberty, The White House, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial Hall, Independence Monument, and aviation exhibition, art exhibitions. In supreme court, a commentator introduce some legal procedures about supreme court judge hearing cases. Most of pepole we meet were friendly. My feelings about America are very good.

             After another week, we flew to Las Vegas. It's a most populous city in the US. There are many Casinos in the city, I had joined some of the gambling games and lost about $500, but it’s funny. The next day, we went to see grand canyon by bus. I was deeply shocked when I stood beside the nature miracle. It would be a great regret of my life if I did not see it.

             Last place we visited in America was Los Angeles, there were also a lot of good and funny places we went . Universal Studios, Disney Park, Street of Mexico and some of museums and art galleries. It was really pleasant journey!

             Oh,taking about food. It was not bad generally in America, but most of the time we went to chinese restaurants for eating, may be because our travel guide was ethnic chinese. Some of us felt the food was not very authentic. Perhaps there were many delicious foods in America but we didn’t taste them..

    Ok, that’s my whole journey in America roughly.


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